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Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1998)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosna i Hercegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1998)
usage: national flag (»main« national flag)
characteristic (FIS): Historic flag no longer in use
adopted: 20-MAY-1992
abandoned: 4-FEB-1998
continent: Europe
region: Southern Europe
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
shape: rectangularrectangular ratio: 1:2 ~
colors: whitedarkyellow (only colors)white, blue, yellow,  (only colors)
devices: COAT OF ARMS
number: 1
color: multicolor
number: 1
color: dark blue
same as: coat of arms
secondary devices: FLEUR DE LIS
number: 6
color: yellow
part of: coat of arms
number: 1
color: white
part of: coat of arms
number: 1
color: yellow
part of: coat of arms
division: plain plain: charge presence: charged, number of colors: 3 colors,

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