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by device: vertical stripe, white, only as primary device

Canary Islands - Civil Flag

Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias
Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands

Canary Islands - Civil Flag
usage: subnational flag ( autonomous community)
usage (FIS):Use on land: civil flag Use on land: civil flag
characteristic (FIS): Variant - this flag is one of several which can be displayed
adopted: 16-AUG-1982
continent: Africa
region: Northern Africa
Country: Spain
shape: rectangularrectangular ratio: 2:3 
colors: whiteblueyellow (only colors)white, blue, yellow,  (only colors)
number: 1
color: white
number: 1
color: blue
number: 1
color: yellow
division: vertical division vertical division: number of stripes: 3 stripes, stripe symmetry: symmetric stripes, additional area: no additional area, stripe areas: equal, division lines: straight,
charges: charge(s): none, partition(s): none charge(s): none, partition(s): none

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